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The new fuel efficient and powerful Mercedes-Benz SLK55


Later last year Mercedes-Benz released the new SLK55, a sportier version of the SLK R172, to Arizona Mercedes dealers. The car specializes in torque with 398 lb-ft and goes from 0-60 in about four seconds. The V-8 engine in the SLK55 is called the M152, a variant of the M157, and can fire up all eight cylinders in fewer than 30 milliseconds. This twin-turbo, 5.5-liter engine is made for a balance of fuel efficiency and performance. The engine also comes standard with a cylinder deactivation system, direct inject, variable valve timing, and a stop/start system, 415 horsepower and is remarkably balanced and fast.

The M152 engine is mated to the familiar seven-speed gearbox with three different shift modes: Controlled Efficiency (C), Sport (S), and Manual (M).  With the Controlled Efficiency setting the engine will activate the cylinder shut-off system which automatically improves the fuel efficiency while still providing up to 170 lb-ft of torque. This is the first Mercedes to feature this technology. This setting is recommended for most light-driving situations since it is the most fuel efficient focused. Putting the transmission into the Sport or Manual mode really allows drivers to make the best of the available 415 horsepower. Both modes feature a new Sport Exhaust System, which is new to the SLK55. The system features active flap controls to keep the exhaust quiet when the engine is running at less than 2000 rpm, anything over that and spectators will be ensured to hear the V-8 roaring load and clear.

Inside the hood the SLK55 has all of its usual exceptional features including: stiffer springs and dampers, a variable-assist hydraulic steering gear, 18-inch aluminum wheels, and a pseudo torque-vectoring function for the brake that uses rear-caliper pressure. Shoppers can also customize with the AMG Handling Package which is available at all Arizona Mercedes-Benz dealers. The package enhances the vehicles sportiness even further, raising the MPH from 150 to 174. Furthermore, the new Mercedes SLK class is great for when drivers want to hit the gas and get immediate speed or for when they’re trying to carry big speed over long distances.

As for the interior the SLK55 is just as impressive. Shoppers have the choice of carbon-fiber or black-ash trims, park assist, the Magic Sky Control electrochormatic glass roof panel, dual-zone climate control, a windstop, a keyless entry, active cruise control and many more options.

So come to Chapman Mercedes of Tucson to test drive the new Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class today!

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