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Check Out the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 PHEV

If you’ve been looking for a hybrid that offers the perfect balance between style and functionality, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 PHEV may be exactly what you want.

A Quick Look at this New Plug-In Hybrid

As a member of the S-Class, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the PHEV has a lot of luxury to offer. At the same time, this impressive vehicle has an ultramodern hybrid drive configuration. Thanks to the expert blending of those two elements, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 PHEV is a luxury sedan that’s sure to impress.


In terms of specs, the PHEV offers 329 horsepower. The electric motor’s output is 85 kW or 114 hp. The electric range is 20 miles, while the top electric speed is 87 mph. The overall top speed for the 2015 S550 PHEV is 130 mph.

Because this hybrid is the result of truly advanced engineering, it offers all the quality and performance that Mercedes-Benz owners expect while dramatically reducing the amount of fuel that the car consumes.

Even More Details About the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 PHEV

Since this is a sedan that’s specifically designed to have a positive impact, it has environmental certificates. Those certificates cover everything a driver may want to know about the vehicle’s eco-friendliness, including its CO2 emissions.


As previously mentioned, this sedan has a hybrid transmission. The transmission of the PHEV is based on a 7-speed automatic transmission. What’s great about that fact is while this car moves just as easily as any other vehicle with an automatic transmission, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that enables such desirable performance.

In addition to handling a lot of efficiencies behind the scenes, the PHEV also provides cues to help drivers maximize performance. For example, if there’s a time when a driver can take their foot off the pedal and enjoy cruising along, the PHEV will send a signal to make this known.

To maximize safety and performance, the battery for this hybrid is located in the rear. That positioning also saves space in the PHEV. What’s really appealing about this hybrid is instead of requiring any type of special charging equipment, it can literally be plugged into any household socket. This also means that it can be charged at gas stations, hotels or any other location that has a regular outlet. Not only is charging the PHEV convenient, but it can also be done in just 2 to 3 hours.

If you have any additional questions about the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 PHEV or want to find out more about the other vehicles we have in stock, feel free to call, email or visit Mercedes-Benz of Tucson in person.

Whether you’re already the proud owner of a Mercedes or you’ve been thinking about purchasing your first, you’ll likely be excited to know what the company has in store for January. Not only is January the start of a new year, but it’s also when the Detroit Auto Show is held. As you can probably guess from where it takes place, this show is significant for many auto companies.


Because the Detroit Auto Show is a major event, the exciting news is that there’s already some information floating around about the vehicles Mercedes-Benz plans to debut during it. Of all the information that’s come out, the most exciting is the company’s expansion into a Mercedes-Benz AMG Sport line of vehicles.

What to Expect from the New Mercedes AMG Sport Line

The best way to describe this new range of vehicles is being what will bridge the gap between a standard Mercedes fitted with an AMG Sports package and a complete AMG performance variant. What that means in a practical sense is the vehicles will include features like upgraded brakes, suspensions and engines. It’s also likely that many of these vehicles will include all-wheel drive as a standard feature.

Confirmed Information Directly from Mercedes-Benz

Since the Detroit Auto Show is a big event, car makers like to create a lot of mystery and interest around their debuts. That’s why it’s common for companies to drop hints without giving away everything. Not surprisingly, that’s exactly what Mercedes has already done.

In a press release coming straight from Affalterbach, the company confirmed that the first two AMG Sport models will hit the stage in January. While everyone will have to wait until the show gets underway to learn exactly what the vehicles are, there’s a lot of speculation that the two debuts will be a MLC crossover coupe and a C450 AMG Sport sedan.


An Aggressive Growth Strategy

In the same official press release, Mercedes explained exactly why they’re going down this route. 2014 marked a big milestone for the AMG brand. The reason is they set a new sales record of 40,000 vehicles sold across the globe.

Since Mercedes is a company that has never been content to rest on its laurels, it’s not surprising that the new AMG Sport line of part of a larger goal to double sales over the next three years. While that’s a very aggressive goal, Mercedes has the quality and other ingredients needed to make it happen.

If you’re interested in seeing any new models for yourself, be sure to swing by Mercedes-Benz of Tucson. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you have or just give you a chance to see how incredible Mercedes vehicles are in person.

The Mercedes G63 is one of those vehicles that gets attention wherever it goes. Not only does this SUV have a stunning design, but it also packs a lot of power. Thanks to its 5.5L AMG biturbo V-8 with 536 horsepower, the G63 can go from zero to sixty in just 5.3 seconds. So while the G63 is a vehicle with extremely thoughtful design, just as much thought went into its performance.


Key Features of the G63

This SUV’s impressive engine is complemented by an AMG sport exhaust system. It also has a 7-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT transmission. Additional features worth mentioning include the ECO Start/Stop system, AMG E-SELECT gearshift, three lockable differentials, 4-wheel electronic traction system and AMG high-performance brake system. Thanks to the combination of those features and a very capable suspension, the G63 keeps drivers feeling confident at all times. That confidence will remain present even if the G63 is taken for an off-road drive.

The G63’s Design

The look of the G63 is best summarized as “timelessly modern.” With a body style that visibly emphasizes the muscle of this Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the G63 looks amazing at any time of the day. Exterior details include 20-inch AMG twin 5-spoke wheels and LED daytime running lamps. The same commitment to excellent design is evident inside the G63. Because the interior was crafted by hand, driving this awesome vehicle will make you feel like you’re piloting a yacht or airplane.


How the G63 Keeps Drivers Safe and Comfortable

The G63’s list of features doesn’t stop at performance and design. This vehicle also takes safety just as seriously. DISTRONIC PLUS and PARKTRONIC allow drivers to know exactly what’s going on with the vehicle, while blind spot assist provides backup in any driving situation. The G63 also has a rearview camera, Electronic Stability Program, Bi-Xenon headlamps and adaptive braking technology.

In terms of comfort, this Mercedes-Benz SUV does not disappoint. Drivers and passengers will sit in luxury thanks to Nappa leather upholstery. The front seats feature 10-way power with memory. The front seats are also heated and ventilated. There’s split-folding rear seats in the back, as well as dual-zone climate control for the whole vehicle. A heated steering wheel keeps the driver comfortable even in the coldest months, while privacy glass creates the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a ride without any intrusions.

If you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a new Mercedes SUV or car, be sure to stop by Mercedes-Benz of Tucson before the end of 2014 to check out our great deals.


If you’re looking for a sleek and elegant vehicle, a 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class may be perfect as your next car. While both the C300 & C400 provide more size and space than ever, they’re also lighter and more nimble. When you see either model, you’ll immediately notice that details like the sculpture of the tail lamps set a new benchmark for what to expect from a luxury sports sedan.

Interior Design Technology

The exterior of these vehicles isn’t the only place where amazing design is incredibly evident. Inside the C300 and C400 is a wide console with a cascading shape. The shape of this element is the perfect representation of how it’s responsible for providing a flow of entertainment and information. In addition to providing more interior space than ever, the 2015 models are rich with many modern finishes.


Mercedes-Benz put a lot of thought and time into ensuring that every control is optimally placed for the driver’s comfort. You can easily see the crisp displays and gauges while sitting behind the 3-spoke steering wheel. What’s really impressive is you can do everything from change gears to switch what you’re listening to without ever taking your hands off the wheel. Given that the wheel is wrapped with Nappa leather, your hands will appreciate being able to remain on it.

Your ears will also love what the 2015 C-Class delivers. Thanks to the combination of FrontBass technology and Burmester surround sound, any track you play will sound its absolute best. The new C-Class also uses technology to keep you safe. Features of its Intelligent Drive system include alerting you, assisting in braking, and even responding autonomously. And even when you’re not in your vehicle, you can stay connected to it through your phone thanks to the Mercedes-Benz mbrace app.

Comparing the C300 and C400

While both models have a lot of great features to offer, there are a few differences worth covering. The first is horsepower. The C300 has 241, while the C400 boasts 329 horsepower. The C400 also packs more torque, with it possessing 354 lb-ft and the C300 coming in at 273 lb-ft. Those differences primarily stem from the fact that there’s a different engine in each vehicle. The C300 features a 2.0L turbo inline-4, while the C400 has a 3.0L biturbo V-6 under the hood. In terms of city/highway mpg, the C300 provides 24/31, while the C400 clocks in at 21/29.

If you want to see what it’s like to drive the C300 or the C400, the best place to get a feel for either vehicle is at Mercedes-Benz of Tucson.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Service Tips


Buying and owning a Mercedes-Benz vehicle feels great. Being behind the wheel of a vehicle with such a rich history is a great way to celebrate how far you’ve come in life. Since being the owner of this type of vehicle is so rewarding, you obviously want to take the best care of it possible. Not only will properly taking care of your Mercedes-Benz ensure that you are always able to get the most out of it, but taking service seriously also means that you will maximize its future resale value.

To help you better understand how to take care of your vehicle, here’s a look at the service tasks you need to know about for a Mercedes-Benz C-Class:

The 10,000 Mile Mark

When you hit the first 10,000 mile mark and then eventually progress to 20k, 30k and so on, there are a handful of tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner. The first is having a synthetic motor oil change and filter replacement. You’ll also want to have a fluid levels check and correction, tire inflation checks and correction, front & rear brake pad inspection, and reset maintenance counter.

For subsequent 10,000 mile marks, tasks like cabin dust/combination filter replacement, air filter replacement, and brake fluid change may also need to be done. Although this may sound like a lot to remember and handle, getting your Mercedes-Benz C-Class serviced doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By bringing your car to our Mercedes-Benz Service Center, you can count on all necessary tasks being completed. Not only can you depend on our skilled technicians to do all of these service tasks, but you can be confident that the work will be done correctly.


Additional Service Tips for Mercedes-Benz C-Class Vehicles

While bringing your vehicle in every 10,000 miles is one of the best things you can do to protect its value, there are several other steps you can take to fully protect the condition of your Mercedes-Benz C-Class. One of those service tasks is to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. Another is to check all the major components for leakage once the vehicle hits 20,000 miles. And at the 30,000 mile mark, it’s recommend to check both the electrical system and chassis. As you may have guessed based on what we discussed in the previous section, bringing your car to Mercedes-Benz of Tuscon is the best way to ensure that all of these tasks get done correctly.

If you have any additional questions about servicing your Mercedes-Benz C-Class or are ready to have a specific task done, schedule service online, or call our Service Center professionals at (520) 886-1311.