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Mercedes-Benz Plans to Integrate Google Glass In Future

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Google Glass is quickly becoming a must have accessory of the moment, but it could play the same role for luxury car owners soon. Google Glass is a wearable computer that provides the user with real-time information that is projected in front of their eyes. As well as providing turn-by-turn directions to the wearer, Glass can display the time, take photographs and videos, display emails and answer queries. It is voice-activated, meaning the wearer would not need to take their hands off the wheel to navigate to a new destination while driving. Glass currently offers navigation when tethered to a smartphone, but using it requires that you wear the device the entire time.

Mercedes-Benz believes it can play a key role in the future of motoring by making Google Glass a complete navigation experience. The idea is described as having a seamless navigation experience that combines the driving directions while in a car and directions while walking without requiring any switching.

The primary goal, according to Mercedes-Benz, is to create a navigation system that seamlessly moves with the wearer from inside to outside the car. This means that if you enter a destination before you leave your home it’ll automatically transfer to the car’s built in navigation system as you drive and back to the Glass when you get out of the car, allowing for walking directions to your final destination.

Although, this idea is still a few years away from being implemented into the real world, as Google Glass itself is still under development and not even generally available to consumers yet, but Mercedes Benz is clearly aiming to be ready if it catches on with its customers. In the meantime, visit a Mercedes-Benz dealership to see how Mercedes continues to prove its agnosticism when it comes to technology with applications such as those that work with Apple’s Siri voice command system.

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