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Mercedes-Benz BlueTec Explained

Mercedes-Benz BlueTec Explained

BlueTec sounds fancy, but it is an easy term to understand with a little explanation. It all started in 1936 when Mercedes-Benz built the 250D. It was a car that delivered great performance with 30 percent better fuel economy. That power and efficiency came from a fuel that had never powered a car before then…diesel.

Since then, Mercedes-Benz has been at the forefront of diesel innovation with the advent of the first turbodiesel in 1977 and Commonrail Direct Injection in 1997.

BlueTec cars are some of the world’s most advance diesels, offering ultra-low emissions, high fuel efficiency and robust performance. They are 50-state certified and highly desirable cars to drive. To test drive a Mercedes-Benz BlueTec model, visit Mercedes-Benz of Tucson today.

Diesels may have gotten a bad reputation from the 1970s and 1980s thanks to some poor craftsmanship and technological limitations of the time, but they have come a very long way from the days of soot-spewing exhaust pipes.

Today, BlueTec is the culmination of advance technologies to create the world’s cleanest and most environmentally friendly automobiles. High-pressure fuel injection and variable vane turbochargers create a more complete and powerful combustion in the chamber.

The most innovative advancement that Mercedes-Benz BlueTec offers is a solution called AdBlue. AdBLue is injected into the exhaust system that converts noxious nitrogen oxide emissions into harmless nitrogen and oxygen. Mercedes BlueTec models not only can use ultra-low-sulfur fuels, which are standard nationwide, but also B5 biodiesel.

Another appealing aspect of a BlueTec Mercedes is the performance benefit of a diesel engine. While they may not produce high horsepower, they do produce massive amounts of torque. Torque translates into acceleration and a level of enjoyment usually reserved for sports cars with traditional gasoline engines.

There are a slew of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles that offer BlueTec diesel technology. The E-Class sedan and GLK-, M- and GL-Class SUVs are all offered in BlueTec trims. With stricter fuel economy regulations expected, the proliferation of BlueTec diesel technology will only expand throughout the Mercedes-Benz lineup.

BlueTec technology blends performance and efficiency in a way no other technology currently can. Check out a Mercedes-Benz BlueTec vehicle today.

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