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Introducing the entirely redesigned GL-Class

The entirely redesigned GL-Class has the bold design and luxury expected from Mercedes-Benz, while still remaining efficient and extraordinary to drive. The new GL-Class has focused on upgrading even the smallest details including: wind-tunnel refinement, stability, reduced drag, body structure, comfort, safety, and space.

“Of any 7-passenger full-size SUV, only the all-new GL-Class offers this much luxury, innovation, and performance,” says John Hornbeck, General Manager of Tucson’s Mercedes-Benz dealer, “That’s what defines Mercedes-Benz, and the GL-Class.”

The GL-Class includes three advanced Direct Injection engines that create remarkable power while keeping emissions to a minimum. According to Mercedes-Benz, a pair of biturbo gasoline V-8s in the 362-hp GL450 and 429-hp GL550, along with a clean diesel V-6 in the 240-hp GL350 BlueTEC eagerly produces the torque-rich response necessary for quick acceleration and up to 7,500 lbs of towing capacity. Each teams up with a paddle-shifted 7-speed automatic that’s been reengineered for smoother, crisper shifts and higher efficiency.

All Mercedes-Benz GL-Class’s come with standard 4MATIC all-wheel drive and 4-wheel Electronic Traction System. 4-ETS is a new technology created by Mercedes-Benz, which allows the engine to redistribute torque to the wheels with the best grip. There is also a permanent 50:50 front/rear torque split, at all times, and a new load-sensing Electronic Stability Program. There is an optional Active Curve System that balances flatter handling with a smoother ride. Mercedes-Benz also notes that a new On/Off-Road Package adds adaptive damping, six selectable driving programs including a Sport mode and two off-road settings, and added underbody protection. These features combined allow the GL to handle sporty driving as well as rougher roads as well.

On the inside, the GL-Class has a perfect balance of full-size accommodations and luxury details. The front seats are heated and the third row can fold down, while the trim consists of upgraded materials such as hand-polished wood and brushed-metal trim. There is even optional massaging chairs and ambient lighting available. There is also more room than ever, fitting seven adults comfortably, or 93.8 cubic feet of cargo.  Also, The first of its kind in a full-size SUV, it offers a view of the sun and stars to all three rows, along with a power front section that opens wide to deliver full sun with a gentle breeze.

Overall the entirely redesigned GL-Class has something for every buyer and more than upholds the Mercedes-Benz standard.

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