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Did You See the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial?

Even though we’re officially in the NFL free agency portion of the year, the 2015 Super Bowl was so exciting that it still feels like it happened just the other day. Not only did the game go down to the wire, but companies across numerous industries really put their all into creating great commercials this year. Since it’s going to be quite a few months until we all get to start enjoying professional football again, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity for Mercedes-Benz of Tucson to recap our favorite 2015 Super Bowl commercial.

Fable from Mercedes-Benz


Because Mercedes-Benz is all about charting a unique path, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they didn’t wait until the Super Bowl to kick off this campaign. Instead, the company enlisted help from Mike & Mike and Jerry Rice to release several teasers surrounding the campaign.

Since Mercedes-Benz was very successful at building anticipation around their 2015 Super Bowl commercial, some people wondered if the commercial could live up to the hype. But as anyone who’s followed the company for any amount of time could have told you, Mercedes-Benz did not disappoint.

The commercial kicks off in a dreamy forest setting. We see a hare and tortoise standing under  a Start banner, as well as a fox in a referee uniform and various other animals as spectators. While the tortoise tries to wish the hare good luck, the hare responds with a little trash talk.

Prior to the race kicking off, the hare finds a moment to snap a selfie with his fans. As expected, the hare blasts off as soon as the race begins. Although it seems impossible that the tortoise will ever catch up, he takes a detour to a Mercedes-Benz factory while the hare is taking a break with a few hands of cards.


Once the hare catches sight of the tortoise in a speedy Mercedes-Benz, he abandons the card game and dives back onto the road. However, his speed isn’t enough to keep up with the tortoise’s blazing fast ride, which is why the tortoise gets to enjoy a victory spin at the end of the commercial.

If all this talk has you excited to see what’s new from the company in 2015, be sure to stop by our Mercedes-Benz dealership so you can take a look at all the new models for yourself.

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