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Mercedes-Benz has recently announced that it will be adding a new face to promote their 2013 GL-Class, 2012 Wimbledon Champion Roger Federer. The campaign, which is launching just in time for the 2012 US Open, will include television, social media, events and print ads, entitled “Many Rogers”.

While Roger Federer has been with the brand since 2010 an ambassador for Mercedes-Benz China since 2008, the new campaign, for the first time, will focus solely on Federer. The Many Rogers ads will use self-effacing humor while following the tennis star through his tasks in his everyday life. The ads will focus on his roles as World Class Athlete, International Celebrity, Tennis Idol and Dad.

Mercedes-Benz print campaign will launch at the end of August. It features a four-color execution and reads, “Proud holder of 16 Majors, 74 Singles Titles and twin daughters.” The title was chosen by Roger Federer Facebook fans during a contest that ran in June, according to Mercedes. While Roger uses other tag lines for the GL like, “full-sized, seven-passenger Mercedes to fit your many lifestyles,” as said in the commercial.

Mercedes-Benz Tucson fans can watch the commercial here, or check it out on ESPN during the US Open.

The new GL model lineup for 2013 ranges from the turbodiesel GL350, which features BlueTEC technology and has an output of 240 hp and 455 lb-ft or torque to the high-performance GL63 AMG which has 550 hp and 560 lb-ft of torque and is powered by a hand-build AMG 5.5-liter biturbo, direct injection V8. Between these two contrasting models are the popular GL450 (362 hp, 406 lb.-ft.) and GL550 (429 hp, 516 lb.-ft.), both equipped with new direct-injection biturbo V8 engines.

Mercedes-Benz believes that Mr. Federer’s personal brand is a perfect match for the company, both being described as pristine and timeless. Roger has recently won his 7th Wimbledon title, regained his No. 1 ranking, and proven his dominance on the tennis court is to be as lasting as a Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes is also planning several fan experiences at the US Open including a display of the concept-style coupe. This experience will be accompanied by a Photo Station at the Mercedes-Benz Brand Center located at the USTA Tennis Center.

Mercedes-Benz has also announced that there will be multiple behind-the-scenes elements including footage of making the TV commercial, tournament updates, and the actual GL vehicles. The behind-the-scenes extras will be posted to both Roger’s Facebook and MBUSA’s Facebook pages.

For more information on Roger Federer check out his Facebook page, for more information on his partnership with Mercedes-Benz or on the new 2013 GL-Class head down to your Arizona Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Steve Cannon’s automotive career began in 1991 when he was executive assistant to the CEO of Mercedes-Benz of North America. From there he moved to Stuttgart to join the small team that launched the M-Class, the first Mercedes-Benz SUV ever made in, and for, this market. Now is he the current CEO of Mercedes-Benz with a new vision to attract a market Mercedes-Benz has ignored in the past, Gen Y.

“We’ve got a story that no other manufacturer can tell,” Cannon says, referring to the company’s claim that they built the first automobile 125 years ago. Mercedes also has right to claim they were the first to use ABS and airbags, among other now-standard safety features. Cannon, who served as MBUSA’s vice president of marketing until he was appointed CEO in January, knows and supports the company’s long history of innovation while keeping a steady hand on safety, mostly because he’s helped drive it.

Cannon also is the driving force behind the launch of a new class of vehicles as well as the embrace2, the company’s upgraded in-car digital technology platform. Both the car and the technology are designed to appeal to a younger, virtually connected and cost-conscious consumer. This new marketing approach to connect with the Gen Y customer also includes the A-Class compact, which will debut at $30,000, much less sticker shock than most Mercedes-Benz currently out.

Reaching out to the needs of the Gen Y customer Cannon says MBUSA made a “heavy investment” in social media and some of the features in the mbrace2 that will be installed standard in every new Mercedes-benz. Mbrace2’s 3G connectivity (for cloud-based upgrades) and apps (social media, keyless entry), for example, came from a simple question: “Why should I pay an extra $3,000 for GPS when I have it on my phone?”

Whether it is putting 20-somethings behind the wheel of the most expensive S-Class vehicles, or the new A-Class compact, Cannon believes this is going to help MBUSA compete in an increasingly tougher luxury market. They’re not the target market, but their perception is going to drive perception of the brand,” he observes, “In order to win, you have to know who they are. That means digital, social, and all the things we are doing.”

So by putting customer experience at the top of MBUSA’s priority list –something Cannon says could use improvement– he’s placing himself on the front line to defend Mercedes’ high standard of excellence. “How can you have anything lower for a brand that espouses the best or nothing?”

For more information on the mbrace2 and A-Class compact, check out your local Mercedes dealer in Arizona!