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Looking for a German-engineered SUV built here in America? Then the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe is for you. This mid-sized SUV is new to the Mercedes-Benz family. Sleek and chiseled, it’s based on the M-Class SUV, sharing interior design cues, wheelbase and some powertrain configurations. There are two variations of the GLE Coupe: The GLE450 AMG and the AMG GLE63 S Coupe.

The base GLE450 AMG comes with a 3.0L biturbo V-6 that makes 362 hp and 384 lb.-ft. of torque. A new 9-speed automatic transmission is mated to this engine as is all-wheel drive. Want to take that corner faster? The GLE450 AMG is equipped with Curve Dynamic Assist and Active Curve System for sharper, quicker cornering. And if you are someone who enjoys customizing how their vehicle rides, powertrain can be adjusted by using the Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Slippery and Individual modes on the console. The AMG GLE63 S is powered by a handcrafted 5.5L AMG biturbo V-8 that blasts you down the highway from 0-60 mph in a mere 4.2 seconds using 577 horsepower.

The GLE Coupe includes a host of advanced safety technologies, including Collision Prevention Assist Plus, which autonomously brakes to avoid a collision; Pre-Safe Plus, which prepares the vehicle for front, rear and rollover accidents, and Distronic Plus, which pairs adaptive cruise control with steering assist to automatically adapt your speed to the vehicle in front of you. Both GLE models also come equipped with Attention Assist, which continuously monitors up to 70 parameters of driving behavior, and automatically alerts the driver with visual and audible warnings if it detects signs of drowsiness on long trips. Available Parking Assist sizes up the space you want to park in, backs in automatically, and even pulls out when it’s time to leave.

The interior doesn’t skimp on luxury, as is the Mercedes-Benz standard. The seating surfaces are leather and the rear seat features a 60/40 split. Both driver and passenger front seats include heat and memory settings. Convenience features such as dual-zone automatic climate control, retractable luggage cover, power liftgate, auto-dimming rearview and driver-side mirrors, garage door opener and power-folding side mirrors are standard, as is an infrared-remote window opening and closing feature. The infotainment system is powered by an 8-inch touch screen and a new touchpad controller on the console, and an optional Bang & Olufsen® BeoSound™ premium sound system turns the optional Rear Seat Entertainment system’s dual screens, multiple inputs, and wireless headsets/remotes into a mobile theater. The GLE Coupe can also be turned into a mobile WiFi hotspot.

To test drive the new GLE Coupe, stop by Mercedes-Benz of Tucson.

If you’re passionate about the environment and want to do your part to reduce carbon emissions, the Mercedes-Benz C350 may be the perfect next vehicle for you to purchase. Since this car is a C-Class, it offers the sleek and elegant design that Mercedes-Benz is known for delivering on a consistent basis.


But what makes this car even more exciting is the fact that it offers the company’s most advanced hybrid technology of any vehicle they’ve put on the road. The way this new Mercedes-Benz works is in addition to a 4-cylinder gas engine, it also has an electric motor. Thanks to that combination, the C350 provides a full 275 horsepower. The impressive thing about that level of power is it’s combined with emissions-free driving of up to 18.6 miles.

How Do You Charge the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C350?

Charging this hybrid vehicle is as easy as plugging it in. One of the features that makes the C350 so convenient to own is that in addition to charging it through a wall box, it can also be plugged into a standard socket. And since charging stations are beginning to spring up around the country, it can also be charged at any of them.


Other Features That Make This Car Great

The C350 offers five different transmission modes. Because those modes give you full control over your driving experience, being behind the wheel of this car is a lot of fun. A total of four engine modes gives you the same level of control over the C350’s efficiency.

The car’s AIRMATIC air suspension delivers a smooth ride, while energy recuperation during braking & coasting provides even great efficiency. A heads-up display and LED headlamps will both be available options when the C350 officially hits the market.

While you will have to wait until Fall 2015 for the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C350 Plug-In Hybrid to officially go on sale, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to visit Mercedes-Benz of Tucson. You can come by whenever you like to check out our great selection of quality vehicles.

Check Out the 2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600


What does it take for a car to offer unprecedented exclusivity and unlimited luxury? For the answer, look no further than the 2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600. This car has been referred to as the highest-quality vehicle in the world. Although that title comes with big shoes to fill, the Mercedes-Benz S600 has no trouble living up to expectations. In fact, it far exceeds what’s expected of even the highest end of a luxury vehicle.

When it officially hits the market in April of 2015, this car will show the world that it is possible to take the perfection of the S-Class to even greater heights. One example of the ways that this vehicle offers even more luxury is in the form of an additional eight inches of interior length. For any passenger riding in the back, the positive impact of this space is immediately apparent.

Power and Beauty Combined in One


The notable nature of this vehicle starts with its 6.0-liter V12 biturbo engine. With that type of power under the hood, it’s easy to imagine just how much this car is capable of doing. Inside the S600, you’ll find Nappa leather appointments throughout. This generous usage creates a cocoon of comfort.


Back outside the vehicle, 20″ wheels come standard. Then once you move inside again, you’re treated to standard champagne flutes, a touchpad, heads-up display and rear entertainment package. Multiple PRE-SAFE features create an optimal driving experience, while Magic Body Control suspension brings everything together for an absolutely wonderful experience anywhere on the road.

Even if the S600 isn’t the right vehicle for you, Mercedes-Benz of Tucson is the place to go to find your perfect car. Thanks to our large inventory and truly helpful staff, you’ll have no trouble picking out the ideal Mercedes-Benz for your lifestyle.

If you’ve been looking for a new Mercedes-Benz for sale, you may discover that the Mercedes-AMG GT S is the car you’ve been dreaming about. As its official tagline states, this is a car that was raised on the racetrack and has now been unleashed on your street.


Regardless of what specific part you’re looking at, it’s immediately clear that this car is a true achievement of both beauty and intense passion. Not only is its performance on the road truly something to get excited about, but the fact that its performance is complemented by both an incredible look and an intimidating growl makes it the full package.

The Performance of the Mercedes-AMG GT S

Since this is a car that’s born on the racetrack, what it has under the hood does not disappoint. Thanks to its all-new AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine, which is combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the Mercedes-AMG GT S is able to go from zero to sixty in under four seconds.

Not only does the GT-S have lots of power, but it’s light on bodyweight and lighting fast on power transfers. Thanks to all these great features, driving the Mercedes-AMG GT S is an dynamic and precise experience.

Inside This Luxury Vehicle


As soon as you open one of its doors and look inside, you’ll probably be able to tell that the interior of the Mercedes-AMG GT S was inspired by aviation design. Given that this car can literally fly on the road, it’s a fitting look.

Some of the central components of the interior design include the dashboard with its wing-like shape, four vents with a spotlight-style that are centrally located and a perfectly positioned center console that provides access to everything you need. Throughout the entire interior, you’ll only find the highest level of craftsmanship and the best materials being used.

If you’re ready to find the perfect new car to call your own, be sure to come by Mercedes-Benz of Tucson so you can check out our impressive selection and work with a team that is here to help you.

Even though we’re officially in the NFL free agency portion of the year, the 2015 Super Bowl was so exciting that it still feels like it happened just the other day. Not only did the game go down to the wire, but companies across numerous industries really put their all into creating great commercials this year. Since it’s going to be quite a few months until we all get to start enjoying professional football again, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity for Mercedes-Benz of Tucson to recap our favorite 2015 Super Bowl commercial.

Fable from Mercedes-Benz


Because Mercedes-Benz is all about charting a unique path, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they didn’t wait until the Super Bowl to kick off this campaign. Instead, the company enlisted help from Mike & Mike and Jerry Rice to release several teasers surrounding the campaign.

Since Mercedes-Benz was very successful at building anticipation around their 2015 Super Bowl commercial, some people wondered if the commercial could live up to the hype. But as anyone who’s followed the company for any amount of time could have told you, Mercedes-Benz did not disappoint.

The commercial kicks off in a dreamy forest setting. We see a hare and tortoise standing under  a Start banner, as well as a fox in a referee uniform and various other animals as spectators. While the tortoise tries to wish the hare good luck, the hare responds with a little trash talk.

Prior to the race kicking off, the hare finds a moment to snap a selfie with his fans. As expected, the hare blasts off as soon as the race begins. Although it seems impossible that the tortoise will ever catch up, he takes a detour to a Mercedes-Benz factory while the hare is taking a break with a few hands of cards.


Once the hare catches sight of the tortoise in a speedy Mercedes-Benz, he abandons the card game and dives back onto the road. However, his speed isn’t enough to keep up with the tortoise’s blazing fast ride, which is why the tortoise gets to enjoy a victory spin at the end of the commercial.

If all this talk has you excited to see what’s new from the company in 2015, be sure to stop by our Mercedes-Benz dealership so you can take a look at all the new models for yourself.